Sydney Brooke Simpson Bio, Net worth, Family

Name Sydney Brooke Simpson
Born 17 October 1985
Age 34 years
Nationality American
Schooling Gulliver Academy
College degree Boston University
Profession Real Estate Investor
Parents Nicole Brown Simpson, O.J. Simpson
Siblings Justin Simpson, Arnelle Simpson, Aaren Simpson and Jason Simpson

The early life of Sydney Brooke Simpson:- 


The lesser-known Sydney Brooke Simpson was born on 17 October in 1985 in the USA as the daughter of Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J. Simpson as their first child. 

Her name can be most commonly heard as the daughter of former football lead player Orenthal James Simpson better known as O.J. Simpson. 

She is known to have American nationality and mixed ethnicity. She has four siblings, including his real brother Justin and three other siblings namely Arnelle, Aaren and Jason. 

Education and Professional Career:- 

Sydney chooses Gulliver Academy to complete her school education and then turned up completing her Bachelor’s degree in sociology from the most reputed college of America, Boston University’s College of Arts and Science in 2010. 

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After finishing her bachelor’s degree with good grades, she worked as an intern in event coordinator in Canoe, Atlanta. She had done many small jobs and internships before she finally decided to join St. Petersburg City of Florida in 2014, initially working as a caterer and then starting a small real estate business in the restaurant itself. 

After gaining much experience of real estate, she along with her brother Justin opens a restaurant of their own along with three other high investment properties in Los Angeles. She works as a property manager as well 

sydne brooke family

Some facts about Sydney Brooke father O.J. Simpson:-

■ Orenthal James Simpson started his football career in 1969 as a part of the American football team, Buffalo Bills. 

■ He has been awarded many titles such as that of Pro Bowl and All-Pro first team, not one or two times, but five times by the association. 

■ He decided to drop his football career and retired in 1979 after playing in San Francisco.

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■ After his retirement, he began to appear in various movies and some of them are: 

• The Killer Force

• The Boxer 

• The Towering Inferno 

• Goldie

■ He has also worked as a commentator in NBC’s Monday Night Football League and the NFL. He had also appeared in some famous shows such Saturday Night Live and many more. 

O.J. Simpson married to Nicole Brown in 1984 and after 7 years of their marriage, his wife filed for divorce in 1992 and they were separated.

After 2 years of their separation, Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman was found dead on the floor in Los Angeles and after much analysis, O.J. Simpson was found guilty for this double murder and was sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment. 

Net worth:- Sydney Brooke owns a real estate business and is earning in millions. Approximately, her net worth is assumed to be between $10,000 and $500,000 as she didn’t clarify her total income. 

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Personal life:- Sydney Brooke is not a social person and does not reveal anything about her personal life. Stuart Alexander Lee was her first boyfriend which she dated for three years between 2007 and 2010 during her Bachelor’s Degree in college.

However, in an interview recently, she talked about her boyfriend Robert Blackmon and said that they may continue to marry afterwards, but there is no such news till now.