Sinisa Babcic Bio,Age,Net Worth,Education

Name Sinisa Babcic
Birthplace Illinois, United States of America (USA)
Nationality Christianity
Education BSc in Business Finance
Profession Senior Manager with Ernst and Young LLP
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Net Worth 2 million

Early Life:- Sinisa Babcic was born in Illinois, USA but his exact date of birth is not mentioned anywhere. He is known to belong to South Korea but grew up in the USA only. Other personal information about her parents and siblings is not available either. Some basic facts show that he had done his BSc degree in Business Finance from the famous University of Illinois which is Urbana-Champaign College of Business. After passing out from Urbana-Champaign College in 2003, he decided to pursue his career as a businessman, or a finance assistant. Thus, he is currently working as a Finance Manager at Ernst and Young LLP since 2013. His known net worth is about 2 million. 

Sinisa Babcic

Interesting Facts to know about Sinisa Babcic:- 

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● Sinisa was a hardworking and intelligent person from his childhood and wanted to pursue his career in finance and business.

● He had done his Bachelor of Science(BSc) in Business Finance from Urbana-Champaign College of Business which is a reputed university in Illinois. 

● He passed out from this university in 2003 and worked in different companies and startups till 2013. 

● He is regarded as an expert in product and technology strategy in the field of global wealth management. 

● He, at present, works as a Senior Manager with Ernst and Young LLP since 2013. He works alongside Advisory Services of practice as a part of this job.

● Sinisa had worked with some of the great business persons Temenes and Thomson Reuters as a part of his finance manager job.

● Sinisa is also regarded as an investment banker and had worked in this area as well.

Relationship status of Sinisa Babcic:- 

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A professional finance manager Sinisa Babcic decided to marry a famous American journalist Poppy Harlow and this auspicious occasion was on 1st September 2012 where only family members and close friends joined the ceremony. Actually, Sinisa became famous only after his marriage with Poppy Harlow who is a very famous and rich American journalist and celebrity. 4 years later they welcomed their first child Sienna on 11th April 2016 and 2 years after her birth Poppy gave birth to another daughter Luca on 6th February 2018. Till date, both Sinisa and Poppy are living happily with both their daughters growing up each day fruitfully. 

Some facts about Sinisa’s wife Poppy:- 

■ Poppy is a well-known journalist, reporter and anchor and had worked for big news channel  CNN and Forbes. 

■ She is currently working as an anchor for CNN Newsroom in New York with Errol Barnett as an acquaintance. 

■ She, on the other side, also works as a weekday relief presenter with two of her good partners Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo. 

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■ She is active on social media accounts with 37k followers on Instagram and 103k on Twitter but her husband Sinisa Babcic is not at all interested in social media.

Great support for her wife:- 

Although, Sinisa came into limelight due to his marriage with Poppy Harlow but this affected their relationship in any way. Sinisa proved to be supportive and understanding husband publicly as well. He had joined his wife for many charity and sports events. He also took a stand along with his wife when she was reporting a rape case and she said some harsh words against the rape victims.

In short, Sinisa is living his life as he always wanted and is settled personally and professionally.