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Hannah Kennedy was born on 2nd July 1990 in California, United States. There is a cute and short story behind her nickname Bnans. As we all know, nicknames are given by our near and dear ones as a sign of their love and care.

Hannah got her nickname as Hannah Banana and since her childhood everyone started to call her as Banana. In her teenage years, her friends started calling her Bnans which later became a public identity of her.

Shroud's Girlfriend

There is no information available about her parents and childhood. It is just that she was a very artistic and talented person since childhood and thus grew up as a gamer and a designer. 

Personal Life

Bnans is Shroud’s girlfriend. Shroud or popularly known as Michael Grzesiek is also a professional gamer who had earned many reputed titles in gaming. Some of them include Esports Championship Series and Eleague Season 1.

He has won many high-profile competitions in gaming and has secured a reputation as a pro gamer. Michael and Hannah are known to be in a relationship since 2017.

Although, Bnans is two years older than Shroud, but this barrier never came to ruin their relationship. Both Hannah and Michael have a Twitch account along with other social media handles. Shroud also known to have a YouTube account. 

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● Gamer and designer

Shroud’s girlfriend Bnans is a college graduate. Hannah is a talented and joyful person. She likes to play games like Oregon Trail and Concentration. Not only a talented and highly skilled artist, she also loves tattoos and was mad after them.

Not only as a gamer, Hannah aka Bnans made her career as a professional graphic designer and also became an expert in digital marketer. She is a pro gamer and after some time she decided to make her art of gaming as a professional career.

Apart from Oregon Trail and Concentration, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege and Destiny were other shooting games which interested Hannah and she picked these titles from numerous other ones and built herself into it. 

● Multiple Platform user

Hannah never made herself comfortable on any one gaming platform. She had tried her hands on Xbox, Nintendo, Sega and Playstation. Although Xbox and Playstation are opposite to each other, Hannah was beyond their fight. 

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● Tattoo Fanatic

Hannah is a big fan of tattoos and thus has a fascinating tattoo collection on her body. She had a total of eight tattoos all over her body which includes stars on back, ship on a thigh, dove on her wrist, swallows on hips and Ohio on foot. Apart from these, there is a big enormous tattoo on her sleeves. 

● Digital Marketer

Not only a gamer, Bnans pursued her career in management. She completed her master’s from Chester University Business School and was grateful to choose this university for her higher studies.

She says that Chester University has provided her with all the skills and knowledge required to be a Category Manager. She then applied for the post of Category Manager in a Pharmaceutical Company. Hannah also studied MSc in International Business at a Business School.

Even after gaining a lot of knowledge in business, she ultimately chose her passion for gaming and designing and thus, put all her efforts to make them better and become famous through them. 

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Shroud’s girlfriend has a strong take over social media. Her popularity has no end and is touching the sky day by day. She is famous as the name @Bnans on all her social media handles, which is a big reason why she is popular by the name of Bnans.

She has a family of over 50K on YouTube, 87.2K followers on Instagram, over 100K followers on Twitter, and 170K fans across Twitch with more than 3M views on her video, and she created her channel on Twitch on 22nd December, 2015.  

Almost all of the posts on her social media accounts consist of gaming videos, gaming tips and tricks, new platforms for gaming and all the stuff related to her favorite games like Oregon Trail and Concentration, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege and Destiny.

Her Instagram handle also has some photos of her in different poses, some funny videos and some with her boyfriend Shroud as well. As Shroud is also a high-level gamer, they both remain busy with their gaming encryptions and updates.