Shanna Riley Bio, Age, Early life,Zodiac Sign

Name Shanna Riley
Born 21st February 1983
Birthplace Utah, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Age 36 years
Zodiac Sign Pisces

The early life of Shanna Riley:

Shanna Janette Riley, popularly known as Shanna Riley was born on 21st February 1983 in a very renowned place of USA, Utah. Shanna is known to be a shy person when it comes to disclosing her personal details about her parents, family, schooling, education etc. She prefers to keep them away from social media and people.

shanna riley

Marital Status of Shanna Riley:

The main reason for her popularity is her marriage. She is known to people as the ex-wife of Roman Atwood, a well-known American YouTuber and popular prankster. They officially tied a knot on 17th November 2001 at Licking Country, Ohio. 3 years later, in 2004 they were blessed with a child on 18th October, named Noah Vaughn Atwood. 

She started to gain popularity by making her guest appearance in some of Roman’s YouTube videos. Roman is a famous YouTuber who is widely known for making Vlogs. He has also included his ex-wife Shanna Riley and her son in some of his videos.

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In 2008, they were no more satisfied and happier with this marriage. Daily fighting, bitter conversations and unnecessary point outs to Shanna’s extra-marital affair made this relationship to an end. Soon the official procedure of divorce started. Roman stand with the reason that he is fed up with Shanna Riley cheating, affairs and scandals and wanted to set her free of whatever she wants to do. 

After all the formal procedures and legal consultancies, Shanna and Roman finally got divorced in 2010. As they were having a child, the question of his custody arose. But afterwards, as no extra-marital relationship of Shanna is observed, joint custody was given to both of his parents. Roman would take care of him on weekends while Shanna will be there with her weekdays. 

Roman begin to cast his child in his Vlogs and YouTube videos, which his mother Shanna didn’t like. He filed a case against Roman that he is using their child to gain money and more publicity and demanded full custody of Noah. But after analyzing the whole scenario, the court refused his appeal of being given the full custody and also gave the official permission to present him in his videos, thereafter.

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Some facts about Shanna’s ex-husband Roman:

Roman was born on 28th May 1983 in Millersport, Ohio to Curt and Susan. He is a well-known YouTuber and prankster by profession.

His vlog channel on YouTube has a team of 15 million people having 5 million views on each video, on an average. Also, his channel has become the 50th most searched channel on YouTube. 

The house where he lives is worth $349k and it occupies 3,300 square foot of area. 

After his divorce with Shanna Riley, he took full responsibility for his child Noah Atwood and decides to leave Shanna and start a new life with his child. Then, by chance, he met Brittney, who is his current spouse and mother of his child.

All this started once when Roman went to his childhood friend’s wedding, Chase Gilroy and had met his to be wife’s sister, Brittney Smith. After meeting there, they started to date each other and finally married each other after some months of dating. 

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They have their first and Roman’s second child on 23rd October 2011, named Kane Alexander Atwood. Later, they also had a daughter, Cora Atwood.

At present, while Roman is happily living with his second wife Brittney and three children, Noah, Kane and Cora, Shanna is happy with her evasive lifestyle and loves living alone.