Sean Edward Hartman Bio,Age,Family,Networth

Early life:– Sean Edward Hartman was born on 29 September in 1989 at Sunset, Vancouver, British Columbia but grew up in Los Angeles with rich and successful parents. His father is Phil Hartman and mother is Brynn Omahl. He also has a younger sister Birgen Anika Hartman. He just crosses 30 last September. Presently, his sister is married and his parents are no more. 

Name Sean Edward Hartman 
Age 30 years in 2019
Birthplace Sunset, Vancouver, British Columbia
Grew up Los Angeles
Date of Birth 29 September 1989
Family Phil Hartman, Brynn Omahl, Birgen Anika Hartman

About Sean’s Parents:- Sean Edward Hartman’s father Phil Hartman was a great comedian and artist. He was famous for his works in a sketch comedy show, “Saturday Night Live” and had hosted many other shows as well. Sean’s mother Brynn Omahl was a Brazilian actress and wanted to expand her area of fame and wanted to become a popular actress. Her addiction is the basic cause of the couple’s death. She was used to consuming alcohol and cocaine on a daily basis in large quantities which resulted in making her an anxiety victim. 

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Sean Edward Hartman

Cause of death of Sean’s parents:– Brynn Omahl was Phil’s third wife after his two unsuccessful marriages. One day, Brynn shot his husband Phil as a part of her anxiety conditions in the house itself and both the children were at home, Sean was 9 and Brigen was 6. After shooting, Brynn called the police and accepted her crime. When the police arrived at the crime scene, they found both of them dead as Brynn committed suicide by shooting herself in the mouth. After their parent’s death, the custody of both the children were handled to Phil’s sister Katherine Kay Wright. 

Present Scenario in Sean’s life:- After going through the trauma and accepting the fact that his parents are no more, he tried to gather all his courage and decided to make his carrier as well as make his sister’s carrier shine as well. He is having a major breakthrough in his career in 2019. He builds up his career in acting and became a successful actor, writer, voice artist and graphic designer. He is working in these fields presently as well. His sister Birgen has her own business firm and married Brendon in October 2018. 

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Net Worth of Sean Edward Hartman:- Officially, there is no data available about his net worth as he had rich parents and as he and his sister wouldn’t able to divide their money till 25, now at the age of 30, Sean must have a tremendous amount of money to spend. He is also earning himself a good amount of $100,000. This may seem a big amount to get every year, but his parents had their net worth in millions. 

Some other facts about Sean:-

●He was very close to both of his parents and had a rich lifestyle until his parents were alive.

● His mother had an anxiety disorder and thus, keeping her in mind he put a proper documentary show on anxiety problems, its symptoms and their solutions. 

● He grew under his aunt Katherine Kay Wright with his sister Brigen in Los Angeles. 

● Even after having so many breakdowns in life, Sean never failed to try new things and has always put his best may it be in acting, writing, performing comedy shows or working as a voice artist. He had managed his life without his parents and currently living a happy life, though had not yet married.