Rory John Gates Bio,Net Worth, Parents,Born,Age

The early life of Rory John Gates:

Name Rory John Gates 
Age 20 years
Born 23rd May 1999
Birthplace Seattle, Washington, USA
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Net Worth $20 million
Siblings Jennifer Katharine Gates, Phoebe Adele Gates
Parents Bill Gates, Melinda Gates

Rory John was born in the house of the richest man on this golden day of 23rd May 1999 in Seattle, Washington, USA.

He is the only son, apart from their daughters of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates and is the middle child of Bill and Melinda. He has a three years elder sister Jennifer Katharine Gates and three years younger sister Phoebe Adele Gates. 

rory john gates

Professional career and education:

Rory John Gates has completed his graduation in computer science and economics from Duke University. After his graduation, he pursued an MBA from Fuqua School of Business.

He is raised as a normal child by his parents and was not spoiled just because his father is the richest man in the world and he didn’t have to do anything. 

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Amazing facts about John’s father, Bill Gates:

● Bill Gates, a name which is familiar to all of us, is an American investor, businessman, author, philanthropist and software developer. 

● He is the co-founder of the biggest alliance which is leading the world, the Microsoft Corporation.  

● He has been at different reputed positions of chairman, CEO, and chief software architect and president and also declared as the largest independent shareholder until May 2014. 

● He married Melinda French, who is a former Microsoft employee and American philanthropist on 1st January 1994 on the beautiful golf course of Hawaii island of Lanai. They have three children, all of them are out of any controversy and haven’t got any special attention as such. 

The family resides in a mansion which is named as Xanadu 2.0. It is an earth-sheltered type of closing roof which resides along the side of a hill overlooking and Lake Washington. This mesmerizing place is situated in Medina, Washington. 

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Personal life of Rory John Gates:

One may think that being the son of Bill Gates, he has freedom of doing anything anytime with no restrictions. But in this case, it’s not. Bill and his wife Melinda proved to be strict parents as they wanted their children to stand themselves and doesn’t just resides on their father’s fame, income and power. 

Rory John and his sisters were not allowed to use mobile phones until they are 13. Thus, he is raised as a normal child as all parents try to take their children away from mobile phones and social media.  

John is also a huge fan of cars and has quite a great collection of it. 

It’s not a big matter that John gets huge pocket money. But the matter comes how he spends it. He used to save one-third of his pocket money every month to contribute it to charity homes. 

He also not use any social media and spends time as a volunteer. He is involved in many volunteer work and charity events. He himself volunteers global issues to solve poverty and malaria problems in local areas. 

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No past relationships are known in the case of Rory John Gates as he is just 20 years, thus single till now. 

Net Worth of Rory John Gates:

Bill Gates has his net worth over $105.3 billion but he decided that he would give all of his earnings to charity every year and will give just $20 million to each of his children.

Thus, Rory John Gates has a net worth of $20 million.