Patricia Azarcoya Schneider Bio,Age, Family

Name Patricia Azarcoya Schneider
Born 6th March 1988
Birthplace Mexico
Profession model, actor, TV producer
Age 30 years
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mexican-American
Spouse Rob Schneider
Children Miranda Scarlett, Madeline Robbie Schneider

The early life of Patricia Azarcoya Schneider:

Patricia Azarcoya Schneider was welcomed to this world on 6th March 1988 in Mexico. She possesses qualities that always attract people towards her. She is a very gentle yet shy person when it comes to her family. Thus, she has not revealed anything about her family and relatives. Also, she also kept the book of her childhood closed and the pages unturned. 

Professional Career of Patricia Azarcoya Schneider:

Her gorgeous looks, confident nature and sweet voice are enough to make someone restlessness. Due to these qualities of her, she pursued her career first as a model, later became an actor and then came up as a producer. 

She started her career as an actor with the short movie “Alkahest” where she beautifully enacted her role in the movie. 

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After a movie, she started her career as a producer and some of the movies produced by Patricia Azarcoya Schneider are:

●El Monchis Patricia in 2007 

●Cuentame Love and Cuentame Como Paso in 2008

●Guerra De Chistes in 2008

Patricia Azarcoya Schneider

Marital status of Patricia Azacoya Schneider:

Patricia Schneider married Rob Schneider on 23rd April 2011 at Beverly Hills, California. They were in a relationship from six years before getting marry.

But this was not the first marriage of Rob as he had married two times before marrying Patricia. Rob’s first wife was London King whom he met in his days on SNL and they have a daughter Elle King who is a singer and currently 28 years old. His second wife after his first divorce was Helena Schneider and they also divorced soon and doesn’t have any children.   

They give birth to two baby girl .One was born on 16th November 2012 and they named them Miranda Scarlett. The other daughter was born on 14th September 2016 named as Madeline Robbie Schneider. 

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Rob and Patricia also started a Netflix fictionalized autobiographical sitcom series named as “Real Rob”. This series came in two seasons and season 2 seems to be more successful than the previous. 

Season 1 of Real Rob was a disaster and disappointed his fans a lot. In Real Rob Season 2, Patricia made people laugh and entertain more than the real protagonist of the series, Rob Schneider which made it a success. 

Patricia seems to live happily till now with her husband Rob and daughter Miranda and Madeline.

Some facts about Patricia Azacoya Schneider:

●She is a multi-talented producer and has produced Mexican and Spanish TV series along with American broadcast of ‘Real Rob’, thus she possesses knowledge about three different languages. 

●Patricia being a budding producer, is very active on various social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. She posts her selfies, attracting pictures of herself and her children and also, she is a big foodie and thus, uploads pictures of mouthwatering dishes.

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●If you follow Patricia on any of her social media accounts, you may know that she is a great soccer lover and even follows some soccer players and official team social media pages like the Mexican Soccer League. 

●She is particularly a great fan of the soccer team Tigres UANL from Mexican League. 

After observing her photos, you may appreciate her ability to make her body fit and skin glow even after being the mother of two. 

●She is a great fitness enthusiast and includes a gym, running and healthy diet in her daily routine to keep her body fit and active all day. 

Patricia has a curvaceous silhouette which attracted 16.7k followers on twitter and 28,000 followers on Instagram. 

●All was going well in Patricia’s life until one day a burglary took place in their house and property of hundreds of thousands of dollars was stolen along with her engagement diamond ring worth $120,000 which destroyed her and her family too. But still, they both are working hard to recover the funds lost.