Nadine Caridi Bio, Net Worth , Age, Family

Name Nadine Caridi
Born  6 November 1962
Birthplace London, United Kingdom (UK)
Age 55 years
Net Worth $5 million 
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 64 kg
Zodiac sign Scorpio

The early life of Nadine Caridi: 

Nadine Caridi was born on 6th November 1962 in London, United Kingdom (UK). She seems to be interested in all the things around her and tries everything possible.

Due to her high gratitude and interest, she had experienced many things in her life and was into many professions. She spent her childhood in Duchess of Bay Ridge, New York. 

Professional Career

Nadine Caridi was an enthusiastic and passionate person from childhood itself.

She has completed her schooling from John Dewey High School and after her schooling, she completed her graduation from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She has done her Masters in Clinical Psychology. 

She is very hardworking and was interested in research work, thus completed her PhD in 2015. After her PhD, she also started her career as a model and desired to appear in movies and shows.

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As of start, she started to appear in commercials for the show in limelight, Monday Night Football. From there she also begins to cast in many national and international advertising campaigns. She has gained some fame being framed as the poster girl for “Miller Lite” beer. 

Currently, she works as a Licensed Manager and a therapist with the name Dr Nadine Caridi. She also owns a personal website for advertising her business and handles all the queries of her customers and provides them consultancy. 

Personal Life

She started her first relationship with Alan Wilzig, an American entrepreneur and this relationship went for two years from 1998 to 1990. Then they finally broke up in 1990.

Nadine started her new relationship in 1991 and started dating Jordan Belfort. Jordan took divorce from his 1st wife in 1991 in the Caribbean.

Nadine and Jordan have two children, a handsome son, Carter Belfort and a beautiful daughter named Chandler Belfort.

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It aired in the news that Jordan was not a good person by nature. He used to drink, smoke and was addicted to drugs.

It was known that he also has affairs with other girls despite her wife, Nadine.

Nadine once reported that she has been physically abused by him and all these reasons are no less to take a divorce from him. Thus, they both separated officially in 2005. 

This was the third time that Nadine was in a relationship with someone. She married John Macaluso, an ex-entrepreneur of Wizard World. He was also a divorcee and has three daughters, Nikki, Allie and Frankie from his ex-wife. 

In present, Nadine and John are living a happy and prosperous life with their five children in New York. 

Some Interesting facts about Nadine ex-husband Jordan Belfort: 

● Jordan was born on 9th July 1962 in Queens, New York City. He is a talented author, entrepreneur and a motivational speaker.

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● A movie was released on 25th September 2007 named “The Wolf of Wall Street” which was entirely based on Jordan’s life. The film starred two of the very famous and talented actors Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan and Margot Robbie as Nadine. 

Hobbies of Nadine Caridi:

Nadine said in an interview that her favourite colour is red and she loves to paint, cook, read and travel in her leisure time. Her favourite cuisine is Italian.  

Thus, Nadine is living her life with her husband and five children to the fullest and doing things she enjoys doing.