Minoo Rahbar Bio, Net worth, Family

Name  Minoo Rahbar
Born 8th August
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, USA
Profession Animal Lover, Rescuer, Adopter and well-known Activist
Nationality American
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Net Worth $850k-900k

The early life of Minoo Rahbar

Minoo Rahbar is an animal lover since childhood and was born on the 8th of August in Los Angeles, California, USA. She enjoys helping animals and other people in need and making them enjoy their life too.

Minoo Rahbar was only 10 years old when she had to migrate from a war-ridden zone to the US with her family. She then completed her schooling from US Grant School in Van Nuys, Los Angeles. She then took a graduate degree at UC Berkeley.

minoo rahbar

Marital status

Minoo was able to find her life partner in the same profession as her and she tied a knot with Jackson Galaxy on 29th June 2014.

This ceremony was not at any five-star hotel or banquet hall, Minoo and Jackson decided to marry at no-kill pet sanctuary known as Best Friends Animal Society in the US. Only family members and special friends were included in this marriage.

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It is known that the couple first met at a kitten rescue operation only and spend 15 min after the operation is successful in a coffee shop and thereafter they start dating each other.

Professional Career

Minoo Rahbar dedicated her life fully to kittens and cat rescue and thus received many awards for it as well.

She also runs an organization that helps rescue several animals, injured or abandoned other than cats and kittens.

One of the very reputed and famous awards for animal rescue received by Minoo is Kitten Rescues Advocacy Award at 4th Annual Furball held in 2011 at West Hollywood’s House of Blues in Los Angeles. 

minoo rahbhar husband

Some amazing facts about Minoo Rahbar and Jackson Galaxy.

■The couple doesn’t have any children but they both take care of nine cats, three dogs and two turtles as their own children only. This shows their love and care towards animals.

■Minoo Rahbar became famous and gained publicity after her marriage with an extreme animal lover Jackson Galaxy like her.

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Jackson Galaxy came into limelight after hosting for Animal’s Planet Show, “My Cat from Hell”. 

■Both Minoo and Jackson runs various projects and organizations for animals. Some of them are:

●“Jackson Galaxy Project” for raising awareness in pursuit of animal rescue and operation.

●“Jackson Galaxy Solutions” for holistic therapies alongside toys and cat products 

 ●“Little Big Cat” is another project raised by Minoo and Jackson for protecting cats and kittens.

■Minoo is a fitness enthusiast and believes in regular work-outs. She not only keeps herself happy and fit, but she also takes care of Jackson’s health and fitness as well. 

The net worth of Minoo Rahbar:

As an activist and animal lover, love, care and helping animals matters more than money to Minoo. But still, she easily makes a living for herself as well for her husband and pets she has.

Her net worth is approximately $850k-900k. Jackson, on the other hand, sells his self-written books and receives a handsome amount of money. Together calculated, total net worth comes out to $1.5 million which is actually a respectable amount of money for an animal activist and rescuer.  

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Therefore, Minoo Rahbar and Jackson Galaxy enjoy their life to the fullest and there is no information regarding their separation.