Kristina Sunshine Jung Bio,Age,Height,Net worth

Name Kristina Sunshine Jung
Born 1st August 1978
Birthplace United States of America (USA)
Age 41 years
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Parents George Jung, Mirtha Jung
Net Worth $150,000 
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Grandparents Fedrick Jung, Ermine Jung
Profession Entrepreneur, Actor

The Early life of Kristina Sunshine Jung:

Kristina sunshine Jung was created on 1st August 1978 in the USA by George Jung and Mirtha Jung. Although her exact birthplace is unknown, she has lived in many areas in the USA which includes San Mateo, Millbrae, Concord, Napa, Walnut Creek and Pittsburgh. She had mostly spent his childhood in California. 

Her childhood was not like anyone should expect. Both her father George Jung, as well as her mother Mirtha Jung, were serious drug addicts. Thus, she was in great touch with her grandparents Fedrick and Ermine. 

They used to properly organize all her after school holidays and arrange all the things she wants. They used to send her various clothes and gifts on a regular basis when her father, as well as his mother, were in jail. 

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Personal Life of Kristina Sunshine Jung:

After ruining their life and Kristina’s childhood, the regulars come and go process of her parents didn’t stop at all. Her mother Mirtha, however, quit drugs after she has been sentenced to imprisonment for illegal drug dealership and drug overdose. She, afterwards have lived a clean and gentle life with Kristina. 

His father continued his drug-smuggling business even after going to jail many-a-times. 

As mentioned before, Kristina used to stay in regular touch with her grandparents who played a major and important role in her upbringing. But after the death of his grandfather, Fredrick Jung, she was handed over to her aunt, Marie Jung to take care of her more properly and peacefully so that Kristina’s childhood is no more affected by her parent’s doings. She then stayed her Marie’s place until she was 18. 

kristina jung

Marital Status of Kristina Sunshine Jung:

Kristina Jung officially tied a knot with Romain Karan. The date of marriage and the exact place was kept private by Kristina. It is only known that they have a beautiful girl child named Athena Romina Karan. 

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Some facts about Kristina’s father George:

■ George, a renowned drug dealer and smuggler, was born on the 6th of August 1942. Not only in drug dealing, but he is also a specialist in smuggling of cocaine from Columbia. 

■ A biopic was made on presenting his life journey which was named as ‘Blow’. This was released in 2001, centred on the drug dealings of George and his personal life. It was nominated for ‘Oscar’ as well. 

■ After the release of this movie, relations between George and his daughter started to heal. They even own a clothing business together. 

■ In 1994, he was sentenced to 60 years of imprisonment for huge drug trafficking and smuggling. 

Professional career of Kristina Sunshine Jung:

Kristina, unlike her parents, begins to work on legal terms. She owns a clothing business firm in collaboration with his father with the name “BG Apparel and Merchandise”. 

It is also known that apart from a businesswoman, she also fond of writing. Although, she has not yet written and published any book, her amazing works of poetry and other pieces of work are leading on social media. 

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Travelling, Reading and Writing are other hobbies of Kristina apart from being an effective businesswoman.