Jodi Faeth Bio, Family,Birthplace, History

Name Jodi Faeth
Date of Birth 1972
Birthplace United States of America (USA)
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Profession Homemaker

The early life of Jodi Faeth:

Jodi Faeth was born in the year 1972 in United State of America (USA). She doesn’t like to share her personal information with others, thus no information about her parents, siblings and childhood is available.

She is not active on any social media as well. She has completed his basic education from her hometown.

jodi faeth

Married Life

Jodi Faeth met Mike Wolfe in 1994 and got into an 18 years old relationship. They then decided to marry on 8th September 2012. They welcomed their first child on 30th January 2012.

This indicates that she was pregnant before the marriage and probably this was the reason for their marriage. They named her Charlie Faeth Wolfe.

She actually became famous after the official announcement of turning their 18 years long relationship into a life-long marriage by Mike Wolfe with Jodi Faeth. However, only family members and special guests were included in the ceremony. 

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Some interesting facts about Jodi Faeth: 

●She came into limelight after the launch of her husband’s first TV series “American Pickers” on History Channel as the girlfriend of Mike. 

●Jodi was diagnosed with stage III of cancer named as Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) in December 2013 which begins in white blood cells and if not detected and treated on time, can ultimately lead to death. But as she treated at the earlier stage she was saved and yet living her life in 2019. 

●The ill-effects of this disease were not able to grab Jodi Faeth but affected her newly born daughter as she was born with a cleft lip defect. Facial reconstructive surgery has to be done twice to get rid of that defect on her face.

Jodi Faeth earns a decent amount of money from her profession of being a TV actor due to the fame of his husband Mike Wolfe.

jodi faeth family

Some interesting facts about Mike Wolfe:

■Michael Wolfe, famous as Mike Wolfe was born on 11th June 1964 in Joliet, Illinois, USA.

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He is a renowned American actor, producer, director, author and poet who is famous as a creator and star of an American TV show “American Pickers”, that was aired on the 18th of January, 2010 on History Channel.

The show was very lucky to gain 5.4 million views in the very first season only. There were 21 seasons of this show cast with a total of 296 episodes. 

■Due to his family’s financial problems, he had to start working at the age of 6. He used to collect different trinkets that are in sellable conditions and sundry items and used to sell them to earn some money.

It was a miracle for him to receive 5 dollars for re-selling damaged bicycle which he had stored at his place and had got in a very ill-treated condition. 

■He planned to expand and open his own shops as well as business arenas, thus currently owns two bike shops. His net worth is known to something around $4 million and earns $500,000 for every season of “American Pickers”.

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■He didn’t lose his passion for collecting and re-selling old things, thus still travels across the world in search of antique pieces of motorcycle and makes a good amount of money from this profession. 

Jodi Faeth has proved to be an excellent wife and mother and is always being so motivating for her husband Michael Wolfe and for her daughter Charlie Faeth Wolfe as well.