Jazmine Lucero Bio,Age,Family,Profession

Name Jazmine Lucero
Born 16th August 1992
Birthplace Long Beach, CA
Age 27 years
Zodiac sign Leo
Height 5 feet 1 inch
Mother Monica
Siblings Justice, Jaden, Jacob, Paulina
Profession YouTuber, Tik Tok star, actor, singer, dancer

The early life of Jazmine Lucero:

Jazmine Lucero was welcomed to this world on 16th August 1992 at Long Beach, CA. Her mother Monica grew her up alone along with four other children, named as Justice, Jaden, Jacob, and Paulina. While her father is known to play in the football team of ‘Montana State University’. She had spent her childhood in America and grew up being a social media star and attained fame through her videos and vlogs. 

Jazmine lucero

Professional Career of Jazmine Lucero:

Jazmine is an adventurous and creative person inside out who had tried many different things in her life and achieved a lot through her hard work and dedication.

She started her first YouTube channel in April 2012 but uploaded her first video in September 2014, almost after two years of her account. This is probably because she would be busy preparing good content and had seriously taken his YouTube channel. 

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Mostly, she uploads makeup routine videos, hauls, vlogs and sponsored videos on his personal YouTube channel. She had managed to get over 33,000 subscribers on his channel. She sometimes also includes her mother and brother in some of her videos to gain more popularity and provide a new face to their viewers. 

She also has a YouTube channel in collaboration with her ex-boyfriend Nick Pallauf where they post vlogs, pranks, challenges, and storytime. They have been very regular with their uploads and had managed to get over 2,11,000 subscribers. They soon break up but their personal relations didn’t affect their channel and they still run their channel effectively and are tuned as friends.

Jazmine lucero

Some other interesting facts to know about Jazmine Lucero: 

●This is quite unknown that Jazmine possesses OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). 

●Jazmine is also popular on social media platforms of Vine and Tik Tok and her beautiful voice with her amazing acting skills engaged over 2 million fans who still follow her and keep all her updates. 

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●She was also a part of the popular band ‘Why Don’t We’ and had even went for a tour with all its members in 2017. 

●She has a long list of achievements and fame. One of them is the title of “Miss Teen Southern California” pageant that she had won which truly defines her gorgeous looks, great talent and unbeatable mindset. 

●She is a great lover of dance since childhood and had also won many dance championships. She had also worked as a choreographer at ‘Kimberly’s Dance Studio’ situated in Paramount, California.

●Jazmine has also presented her singing talent and skills by being a part of bands such as ‘Mozaik’, ‘JCity’ and ‘Why Don’t We’. 

Jazmine was lucky to attend Katia Nicole’s Rave Music video release party which was organized on 4th May in 2013. 

Sources of income of Jazmine Lucero: 

Jazmine is known to earn from various niches. She is a successful YouTuber and earns a good amount of money through sponsorships and paid advertisements. She also handles her Instagram account in a professional manner and her personal Instagram account has over 1,34,000 followers while the followers on the account held with collaboration with Nick is 29,000. 

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Apart from a YouTuber and blogger, she was also seen in many short films and TV series. She made her acting debut in “Dream- A Tweeny Musical” in a TV series in 2012. “Carla”, “Arcade Fire” and “Afterlife” were some of her other movies. 

Personal Life of Jazmine Lucero:

Jazmine is known to be a career-oriented woman who had tried and achieved a lot in her life. This is the only information about her personal life that she was once committed to Nick Pallauf and after spending some years together, they broke up. Currently, she is not involved in any relationship but only had some close friends, Nick is one of them.  

Jazmine is a big foodie and loves to travel a lot.