Francine Valli Bio,Family,Age, Early Life

Great vocalist and renowned singer Frankie Valli and her first wife Mary Delgado Valli were blessed with a daughter,  Francine Valli in 1960 in the USA. She wanted to become a singer as her father and wanted to feel her parents proud.

Her father motivated, encouraged and supported her daughter from the beginning only so that she can achieve what she wants. 

Francine Valli was blessed with such a great voice that she has recorded and released three songs “I Try”, “Midnight At The Oasis” and “Street Life” till the age of 20. But unfortunately, she was not able to sing anything after that as she died at the age of 20 only.

Name Francine Valli
Birth year 1960
Place of Birth United States of America (USA)
Ethnicity White
Parents Frankie Valli and Mary Delgado Valli
Died on 16th August 1980

Although she was given only 20 years to live, she has lived them in the best anyone can. She had lived in a big Mediterranean-style Villa in Nutley. She wouldn’t have imagined that her life would come to a sudden stop. 

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Francine valli

Francine’s father

 Frankie, a well-known singer, lead vocalist, and sang for American Band, ‘Four Seasons’. Frankie got married three times to date. Her first wife was Mary Delgado Valli whom he married in 1958 and divorced in 1971. 

Francie valli father

He married Mary Ann Hannigan in 1974 and separated from her in 1982. Her third wife was Randy Clohessy and they have three children, namely, Francesco Emilio and Brando, but they also couldn’t make it for long and decided to separate in 2004. 

Cause of Francine Valli Death

 Francine Valli was a drug addict and an alcoholic person. Her parents decided to cure this problem at this age only so that it does not affect her future.

They took a decision to move her for some time to a good rehabilitation centre for treatment. After some months of good treatment, Francine was called back home and this time she was quite better than before. Her addiction to drugs and alcohol has reduced but not ended.

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 It was 16th August 1980 and all the family members including Francine’s parents and all her siblings were gone out and she was all alone in the house. When the family members went back, they saw the dead body of Francine on the floor.

This has left the whole family in utter shock. Although the internet and media were not so popular at that time, the news of her death spread like fire in the town. And after Francine’s death, all were unable to recover this mishappening for months.

The main cause revealed was a drug overdose and alcohol abuse. The main drug depicted for death was Quaalude’s (hypnotic and sedative drugs). The public was also made to hear that she died due to pneumonia. 

Death of Francine’s elder sister

Francine’s death wasn’t the only shock the family received that year, like 6 months before her death, her elder sister Celia was killed while escaping from the fire which spread all over the house.

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Although, she was the child of Mary Valli before she married to Frankie Valli, and thus Frankie’s stepdaughter, but still this was a huge shock for all the members.

Mary Delgado Valli was left in shock and depression after the death of her two daughters. She died on 28th April 2007 at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, New Jersey. 

Francine Valli was not able to live her dreams just due to one of his addictions that took her away from her family and her goals forever.