Claire Abbott Bio,Age,Height,Net Worth

Name Claire Abbott
Date of Birth 22 January 1998
Birthplace Toronto, Canada
Religion Christian
Height 5ft 5inch
Weight 61 kg
Profession Instagram model and musician
Net Worth $1 million

The early life of Claire Abbott: 

Claire Abbot was born on 22 January 1998 in Toronto situated in Canada. She was the second child of David and Jody after their son Paul Abbott. 

Her father was the owner of ‘Abbott Giftware’ where he sells decor items for home and sweet presents for holidays. Her mother and brother also help him in taking this business to huge heights. Her brother is known to be married and this marriage took place in 2015. 

It is known that Claire had participated as a cheerleader in school sports events and she was selected due to her good looks and charm.

Professional Career of Claire Abbott: 

Claire is always amazed at singing and writing songs and composing music.

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However, she was famous because of her Instagram profile where she uploaded her bikini photos for once and they got viral overnight, making her famous as an Instagram model. 

She was just 15 years old when this happens and afterwards she decided to make it professional. After that, she became active on other social media apps like Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat as well. She started uploading her photos in various dresses which attracted the audience and it took no time to cross 500k followers on Instagram. 

She has also been singing for many years before actually becoming an Instagram model. 

She started to make her beauty fame linked to her music career, which upraised her music career as well. In 2016, Claire Abbott was featured in Maxim Magazine’s post where they mentioned how Claire became the first person to be popular on social media and how she manages her Instagram posts and YouTube channel. 

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How Claire make money

Claire being an emerging Instagram personality earns more of like a blogger from fashion blogging, where her sources of income were brand deals, advertisement and monetizing her youtube videos.

Claire Abbott has been rated on social media top and amongst the top earners. 

Claire’s music Career:- 

Claire was more of an opportunistic woman where she linked her dreams with her beauty fame. Claire sang a song named ‘Fighter’ in 2012 which gained huge success on YouTube with 300,000 views. Also, she was a huge part of the popular cover of Adele’s song, ‘Turning Tables’ in 2012 which gained huge recognition from everyone. 

Personal life:- As mentioned before, Claire does not reveal much about her family and personal relationships but she once partly confirmed that she has a boyfriend. He was the popular playboy and poker player, Dan Bilzerian who owns a good lifestyle and status. However, there is no information about their marriage or separation.

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Claire decided to leave all her beauty fame and wanted to become famous as an emerging singer, composer and musician. As a result, she deleted all her social media accounts and has suddenly disappeared from people’s eyes since 2016. 

She didn’t want to be an Instagram model forever as she was passionate about singing and music. It is also known that her nude photos were leaked after her phone was hacked which made her frustrating and she immediately cut-off from social media.