Chip Hailstone Bio,Age, Family, Networth

Name Chip Hailstone
Born 8th March, 1969
Birthplace Kalispell, Montana, United States
Age 49 years
Parents Daniel Frankein Hailstone, Mary Lois Hailstone
Net worth $250,000
Spouse Agnes Hailstone
Children Tinmiaq, Mary, Iriqtaq, Qutan, Caroline

The early life of Chip Hailstone: 

Chip Hailstone was welcomed to this world by his parents, Daniel Frankein Hailstone and Mary Lois Hailstone on 8th March, 1969 in Kalispell, Montana, United States. He grew up in Montana learning and experiencing, fishing and hunting through his parents. 

In 1988, when Chip was only 19 years old, he came to Alaska with his family, which is already a home for more than 700 inhabitants. He and his parents spent some years their struggling for food, and good lifestyle. Chip has also moved 90 miles in search of best hunt to provide better food to his family. 

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Marital Status of Chip Hailstone:

Chip met Agnes in Noovrik, on one of his hunts only and thereafter they started their friendship and soon dated each other. In 1922, they officially married and living a blissful marriage till now. Agnes gave birth to five children from Chip and they both named them as Mary, Iriqtaq, Tinmiaq, Caroline, and Qutan. 

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Tinmiaq was the eldest daughter him. She has obtained her basic education from her parents at home and later went to local school in Noovrik for secondary education.

Iriqtaq is the second eldest after Tinmiaq and she completed her graduation from Noovrik High School in 2015. She is fond of playing and learning about basketball hence, played for her college team in the last year of graduation. 

Chip taught all of his daughters, the necessary skills to survive in hard times.

Sources of Income and Net Worth: 

Chip and his wife Agnes were selected for a TV show named ‘Life Below Zero’ and this proved to be their major source of income.

Apart from filming in a TV show, Chip used to make traps, boxes, weapons, nets, firewood, tents, and many other useful handmade items that proves to be helpful in surviving in hard times in Alaska. His wife Agnes also helps him in making handmade customary fur clothes and artworks to help themselves as well as people around them. This is also a part of their source of income and included in their net worth. 

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The net worth of Chip Hailstone is calculated to be around $250,000. 

Some unheard facts about Chip Hailstone:

●In ‘Life Below Zero’ TV show, Chip used to hunt bears, fox, caribou, fish, walrus, wolf, bison, seal, wolverine, whale and many other animals for their survival. 

● Their were 7 seasons of this TV show but Chip and his wife were seen till only 5th season due to Chip’s sentence to jail order. 

In July 2017, Chip was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment. Charges being apply as two counts of perjury as well as making false statements to police with respect to her molestation of her daughter by one of his colleague. He was transferred to Anchorage Correctional Complex for 15 months after that and had spent most of 2018 behind bars. 

● Agnes, Chip’s wife has a previous relationship from which she has two sons, Jon Hailstone and Doug Carter. But Chip excepted both of his sons and even given his name to the elder one. 

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● ‘Life Below Zero’ TV show was started on National Geography channel in May 2013. It primarily based on the remote life of the people who actually struggled to survive in wilderness and difficult situations of Alaska. Chip and his wife Agnes had worked with experienced and renowned actors such as Glenn Villeneuve, Sue Aikens, Kate Bassich and his ex-husband Andy Bassich, Erik Salitan, his wife Martha. 

Thus, even in difficult circumstances, Chip and his wife were together and they faced all the problems while being happy. They were amazing coordinating each other in good and bad times together.