Brittany Favre Bio, Net Worth, Family, Age

Name Brittany Favre
Born 6th February 1989
Birthplace Mississippi, United States (US)
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Blonde
Parents Deanna, Brett Lorenzo Favre
Sibling Breleigh Favre
Education Loyola University College of Law
Net worth $300,00

The early life of Brittany Favre:

Brittany Favre was created by Deanna and Brett Lorenzo Favre and took birth on 6th February in 1989 in the region of Mississippi stated in the US.

She also has a younger sister Breleigh Favre who was born exactly 10 years later Brittany was born.

She always possesses a unique mindset from the childhood itself, and thus decided to make a career in something different than what her father is into.

brittany favre

Important facts about Brittany’s parents:

Her father Brett Lorenzo Favre is a great football player and possesses overwhelming passion and respect for football. He has played for three of the best teams namely the Green Bay Packers, New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings. 

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Her mother Deanna is an American author and has written some of the famous books- Don’t Bet Against Me and The Cure of the Chronic Life.

She is so powerful inside out that she survived breast cancer in 2004 and later started a foundation for other patients as well who was suffering from breast cancer named “Deanna Favre Hope Foundation” and helped many disabled children and patients with other chronic diseases as well. 

Both Deanna and Brett had been in a long relationship before they married. Actually, Deanna got pregnant before their marriage and gave birth to Brittany. After her birth, they decided to marry and after some years of their marriage, she gave birth to a baby girl who they named Breleigh.  

The professional life of Brittany Favre: 

As stated earlier, she is always interested in trying something new every time. So, she moved on to make her career as a lawyer rather than get attached to football as her father Brett Lorenzo Favre .

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She studied law at Loyola University’s College of Law but later had to get specialized in Sports and Entertainment for getting better grades in her law degree. But her life after getting this degree and before pursuing higher education changed a lot. 

Personal life of Brittany Favre: 

Brittany gave birth to a baby boy, Parker Brett on 2nd April 2010. During the pregnancy of her first child, she married her boyfriend Alex and later took divorce from him.

After her divorce, she married Patrick Valkenburg on 26th January 2011 and all this happened a year before when her tertiary education was going to start. She was only 21 years old when she gave birth to her first child. 

This scenario actually demotivated and broke her from inside and due to this, she was not able to concentrate on her studies.

But then she took a strong step and being a mother, she thought of his child and decided to continue with her studies to make her son proud of her. She also gave birth to her second child when she was in the third year and was 23 years old. 

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She was also featured in a documentary TV series, “A Football Life” in 2016.

Now, she is finally living her life in peace with her husband Patrick and two children. She opened a small law firm in Hattiesburg as she wanted to achieve her own fame and don’t want to follow in her father’s footsteps and use her fame for her use.