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aren marcus jackson wife
Name Aren Marcus Jackson 
Age 51
Date of Birth: August 1968
Place of Birth United States Of America
Ex-spouse Tia Torres
Profession TV Personality
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Net worth $100,000- $500,000

Early life:- Aren Marcus Jackson is the only child but still have a troubled childhood. He was born in August 1968 in USA. He was born and grew up in a Christian family. His family is known to be a type of rich- middle-class family. He has grown to be a great TV actor but his career shut down when he was declared guilty and sent to jail in 2007 for 15 years. He is currently 51 years old and separated from his wife and children. 

Marital status of Aren Marcus:- Aren is currently single but he had a wife and four children. His ex-spouse Tia Torres is an emerging American TV actress with a net worth of $300,000. She is known to be 58 years old in 2019 and still appears on many TV shows and reality shows. She handles a shelter for animals, called Pit Bull which is known to be the largest in the USA. She was very talented and demanded a TV actress at that time. Aren and Tia have a sophisticated daughter Maria Jackson. Both decided to adopt two children namely Kanani and the other is Keli. However, Tia also had a daughter named Tania before he get into a relationship with Aren. Due to some personal issues, Aren and Tia separated 10 years back. 

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aren marcus jackson

Why Aren is in jail? 

Aren was sent to jail in 2007 as he was given sentences for imprisonment for 15 years and thus, he still lives his life as a prisoner in California. He was charged for 11 different felonies, i.e. there were 11 types of accusable charges on Aren which includes burglary, attempt to murder and also proved to be involved in an auto break-in at Antelope Valleys in 2007. He also committed a second-degree offensive burglary of a car and tried to shoot a police officer, thus making the case of attempt to murder. All these mistakes by Aren destroyed his career and resulted in making him a prisoner from a TV actor and famous personality. 

Some facts about Aren and Tia Torres:- 

■ Aren was the co-founder of animal shelter, in Villalobos, located at Rescue Centre in New Orleans, USA. 

■ Aren and his wife Tia were facing troubles in their relationships and thus decided to separate away after Aren was accused to jail for his 11 different felonies.

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■ As before 2007, Aren was known to commit different crimes before as well for which he has been arrested several times. Crimes in the past include the attempt to murder, possession of illegal firearms, car stealing and burglary. 

What Aren’s ex-spouse and children involved in after his imprisonment? 

All his kids are living their lives as TV personalities where they occasionally come on TV shows and reality shows casting with their mother. After 15 years of imprisonment of Aren, Tia and all her children started to make their business more powerful and flourishing. As Tia managed to host shows one after the other, her children were the presenters of the shows. All have a specific role to be played and apart from her own show, she also cast all of them in the very famous shows like that of Animal Planet show, and Pit Bulls & Parolees

Aren was unlucky to not see all this success of their family but is known to get free in 2020 after his 15 years long imprisonment sentence. 

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