Andy Bassich Bio, Age,Net Worth,Education

Name Andy Bassich
Born 25th January 1959
Birthplace  Washington, D.C
Age 60 years
Nationality  American
Ethnicity White
Net Worth $250,000
Education John F. Kennedy High School

The early life of Andy Bassich:

Andy Bassich was bought to this world on 25th January 1959 in Washington D.C. He prefers to keep his personal life to himself only thus no information about his parents, siblings and other family members is available. Although he was born in Washington D.C., he was brought up in Wheaton region of Maryland in USA.

Andy Bissah

Education and Professional career of Andy Bassich:

Andy chooses John F. Kennedy High School to complete his schooling. After his schooling and graduation, he became a carpenter and cabinet maker in Virginia. But he and his dreams were not normal like others.

To chase his dreams, he decided to go to Alaska and he finally went there in 1980. He loves the places which are quiet, have spaces and peace. As a carpenter, his hobby was to stay between woods.

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This was the first time that Andy went to Alaska and his struggle started to live the moment he steps there. He started gardening and used to collect garden supplies in such wilderness of Alaska.

Then, after a while he became riverboat captain on Yukon River and lived there as the captain for 20 years. He had 37 sled dogs in Yukon river to support him as there was no human even miles away to support him.

Marital status of Andy Bassich:

Andy met Kate in Dawson city in Alaska and soon started dating each other. Andy and Kate then decided to marry in 2006, however the exact date and place is unknown.

But this marriage didn’t prove to be long-lasting. They took divorce in 2016, after ten years being together. The main reason behind the divorce was revealed by Kate after leaving Andy and Alaska. It was shocking to know that Kate filed the divorce against Andy due to increasing verbal and physical abuse day-by-day.

Andy Bissah

Some facts about Andy Bassich:

Hunting, fishing and gathering supplies were the only activities which kept him alive and these were the main source of food for him.

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It came to know that in 2009, there was a breakup of water that is generally celebrated by all Alaskans, but it proved to be damaging for Andy. The icy water flooded all his machinery, property as well as his house.  

Andy seems to manage his life alone in this unforgiving wilderness of Alaska which has freezing winters and danger wild creature at every corner of its forests.

He was unhappy, sad and disheartened after his divorce but still builds the courage to stay alone without his wife and at the place where there is no human seen even miles away. On the other hand, Kate has left Alaska and staying happily in Canada.

Andy is not at all active on any of the social media accounts as he doesn’t want to tell the world what he is doing not wanted to know what others are committed to.

The net worth of Andy Bassich:

The only source of income for Andy was the reality show ‘Life Below Zero’. It is a TV reality show that is aired on National Geographic Channel. It is based on the lives of Alaskans which shows the true life of people going through harsh times in Alaska. 

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It was started in 2013 and its 11 seasons have been streamed till now.  Agnes Hailstone, Chip Hailstone, Sue Aikens, James Franzo and Erik Salitan were other well-known actors who have worked with Andy Bassich and his wife in this show. 

It is known that Andy has been seen in almost 89 episodes of ‘Life Below Zero’ and still can be seen anytime. His incoming and outgoing in the show is common. Approximately, his net worth is around $250,000.