Aaren Simpson Bio, Cause of Death,Family

Early life:- Aaren Simpson didn’t get a chance to live her life and make her career. She died before even completing 2 years fully in this world.

She was born on 24th September in USA. She was the youngest child among the five children O.J. Simpson and Marguerite Whitley have, others being Arnelle, Justin, Jason, and Sydney Simpson. 

Name Aaren Simpson
Date of Birth 24th September 1977
Date of Death 26th August 1979
Place of Death Westlake Village, California, United States(US)
Age when died 1 year 11 months
Father’s Name Orenthal James Simpson (O.J. Simpson)
Mother’s Name Marguerite Whitley
Siblings Arnelle, Justin, Jason, Sydney
Zodiac Sign Libra

Facts about Aaren Simpson’s Father- 

• Aaren’s father O.J. Simpson was a well-known football player who used to play for America but left this field when he was married. 

aaren simpson childhood

• Simpson won many valuable and prestigious awards when he was the master of football like the 1973 NFL Most Valuable Player Award. Also, the Bert Bell Award in the same year. 

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• He was awarded with a four-time NFL rushing yards leader category and two-time NFL touchdowns leader award. In 1985, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

• Aaren died just after 5 months, O.J. Simpson and Marguerite Whitley divorced. 

• O.J Simpson married Nicole Brown in 1985 after his divorce from Marguerite and after 6 years of death of his youngest daughter. Sydney and Justin were their children. 

• All his kids grew up in a luxurious lifestyle due to their father’s fame and money. 

• O.J. Simpson is also known to kill his second wife in 1994 after he left Marguerite Whitley in 1985. He was proved guilty not only for the murder of his wife but also of his wife’s friend Ron Goldman in the year 1994.

Both Marguerite Whitley and Ron Goldman were found dead together and all the blame was gone to O.J. Simpson. Goldman’s family charged him a penalty of $33.5 million for Ron’s unusual death and was left. 

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• O.J. Simpson was arrested for kidnapping at higher level with many dollars taken and robbery once in Las Vegas in 2007 and was arrested for this crime and sentenced for 33 years by Nevada court. 

Why Aaren Simpson died? 

Aaren was about to touch 2 years mark but before she lost her life but it was not at all linked to murder, kidnapping or any mishappening outside the home.

It was a usual Sunday morning for Simpsons and all were relaxing and enjoying it. But who knows that this Sunday will be the Black Sunday for them.

Aaren fall into a swimming pool inside the home boundaries only. She was unconscious when she was pulled out of the pool.

The family members called Paramedics and they performed CPR on the spot and found something uneasy, thus quickly gone to UCLA (University of California Medical Centre) in Los Angeles. 

There she was living her life on a life support and all the members were praying for Aaren so that she is back with them.

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She was left in a coma was a couple of days but finally died due to extreme respiratory failure.

This was the ultimate shock for Simpsons as they have lost her youngest child who was just going to complete 2 years next month. 

Aaren was not able to see this world and died before she is able to put a foot in this world.